$50.00 per session. (for example, If you sign up for one session every week, you would pay $200.00, or if you sign up for one week morning and afternoon sessions, you would pay $100.00.

First session (1A and 2A) payments are due BEFORE first practice. Yes, you may bring your check to the first practice.

All other payments are due by Friday, July 10.

Ways to pay:

  • Cash (in envelope with rower's name!) Drop in black box on front step: 20543 Courier Ridge Pl., Ashburn, VA

  • Check, make payable to MMC Rowing. Drop in black box on front step: 20543 Courier Ridge Pl., Ashburn, VA

*Session 1A | 2A- If you have not paid, you will not row. You may bring payment to first practice but DO NOT FORGET!

*Sessions 2A | 2B. 3A | 3B, 4A | 4B,  If you have not paid by deadline, you lose your seat.



  • WEAR A MASK- No mask = No row

  • WATER (there will be NO sharing of water, MMC does NOT provide water)

  • Hat / Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen, bugspray

  • Socks. You must have socks on in the foot stretchers. 

  • Dress for the weather- Please be proactive and look at a weather report. Dress accordingly. 

  • Boots-if its muddy.

  • Raingear - if it is raining.


  • Sport clothes appropriate for the weather. NO BAGGY CLOTHES. The seats slide on rails and baggy/loose fitting clothing will get stuck in the rails.

  • Compression shorts/bike shorts are great. Do not confuse underwear for compression shorts. 

  • Shoes and socks. NO FLIP FLOPS. You are carrying HEAVY boats down a hill, then removing your shoes and slipping into stretchers...WITH SOCKS.

  • Hats help keep the heat/sun off your face.



This is a water sport, we row in the rain. Coaches will monitor any severe weather and if there are any changes it will be posted on MMC Face Book Group page, MMC Website (Communications Tab) and via Remind. 


There are NO REFUNDS, by signing up you are taking a seat. We expect you to be there-period.


We expect you to show up for your session. The Coaches have constructed boat line-ups based on registrations. A boat cannot have a rower out. If you are ill, and cannot make it to practice, please notify the Coach IMMEDIATELY.


Being informed is YOUR responsibility

If you are not a member of the MMC Facebook Group- sign up. When there is information to convey it will be posted on MMC FB Group page, MMC Website (Communications Tab) and REMIND.

Please join REMIND:

Send a text message to this number:  81010

The message: @mmccommu

PLEASE ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY FOR COVID SCREENING- we will ask you questions and take your temperature.



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